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      Based on the requirements of the business interest and in order to enhance trust between the bank and the public, spread banking awareness among customers and employees, protect and educate the public, and because it has an impact on financial stability, the Banking Awareness and Public Protection Department was established, and its responsibility will be as follows:

1- Receiving complaints and suggestions according to a special form, which is sent via the e-mail mentioned below

2- The department is obligated to provide its opinion to the customer within a maximum period of (15) days from the date of submitting the complaint, and the customer is informed of the results of the investigation within (5) days from the date of completion of the investigation of the complaint. Through e-mail or registered mail

3- The bank deals with the utmost confidentiality with your complaint and prevents the leakage of any information about its customers. The customer must abide by the fact that the subject of the complaint is not considered before the judiciary as long as the complaint submitted by the customer is still considered by the unit and has not been decided upon or the opinion on it has been submitted to the customer

4- Our bank is responsible for protecting our customers from financial fraud, so you will be treated with high professionalism

5- Educating customers about banking services and providing you with our special brochure on banking products.


Banking awareness email: Banking

Phone number: 07725999877


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