Current Account (Companies)

The corporate current account gives you everything you expect and more, with a dedicated account employee and around-the-clock support over the phone by our corporate team

Current account (individuals)

An account that provides you with all your banking needs

Investment Deposit

The investment deposit is the amounts that are deposited with the bank for a specific period, and the owner of the deposit is entitled to profits that increase as the term increases and the investment-

Fetters of Guarantee

It is a written undertaking issued by the bank at the request of one of the bank’s clients, in which the client acknowledges that the bank will pay a financial value in favor of the entity to which the guarantee is issued.

Issuance of documentary credits and bank guarantee letters

It is a money transfer service implemented in partnership with global money transfer companies. And customers were able to send and receive their money through bank branches or approved service points to and from countries around the world.

Issuance of instruments and vouchers

They are instruments issued to the order of a specific entity, provided that he has an account with the bank in return for a certain commission determined by the bank.

Savings Account

A savings account that is compliant with Islamic law and gives you the right to take profits Its management is based on the principle of speculation. ​

Islamic Products

One of the new products launched by the bank, according to the Islamic method, is in the form of Murabaha for ordering to buy.​

Partnership Contract

A type of contract adopted in Islamic financial transactions and currently used in Islamic banking transactions

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