This summer, you don’t need a generator. #Al-Nasik_Islamic_Bank_for_investment_and_finance. Get a solar energy system, in cooperation with Qimam Hamrin Renewable Energy Services Company, with multiple amperage capacities, an Islamic Murabaha contract, and in comfortable installments and without interest.
Submission conditions:
1- Selling to all civil servants as well as citizens, and military personnel on the sponsorship of civil servants.
2- The sponsor is a government employee with continuous service, provided that his salary is double the monthly installment.
3- The installment period is 60 months (five years).
4- Murabaha is interest-free, with a one-time administrative commission of (6%) deducted from the financing amount.
5- The account opening commission is free.
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Our Location :
The General Administration and the main branch Baghdad – Al-Saadoun Street