The Deanship of Al-Mamoun College searched the University, represented by the Dean of the College
With the Chairman of the Board of Al-Nasik Islamic Bank, Professor Dr. Sadiq Rashid Al-Shammari, and the delegated director, Dr. Abdul-Hafiz Abdul Latif Hussein, ways of cooperation in the field of training and enhancing the skills of students of the Islamic Banking and Finance Department in a way that helps raise the level of understanding and overcome the obstacles that they may face while engaging in the labor market.
For his part, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Nasik Islamic Bank expressed (the bank’s readiness to train students and develop their skills according to a variety of methods that are compatible with the modernity witnessed by Islamic banks, to add to them new gains that guarantee them entry into the labor market with high experience) and encourage professors to open bank accounts in Al-Nasik Bank. Providing facilities for setting up small projects for outstanding students, offering Umrah products and solar energy, granting soft loans based on the initiative of the Central Bank of Iraq and teaching outstanding students to complete their higher studies inside and outside the country, as well as car loans for college professors and employees
And appointing the first graduates after joining purely banking training courses, especially in the field of banking finance
Banking risk management
Money laundering, banking compliance, oversight and auditing
and Islamic banking products
For the purpose of preparing them to work in the banking sector
And the opening of an office for Al-Nasik Islamic Bank for Investment and Finance at Al-Mamoun University College to facilitate the payment of student installments
The Dean expressed his thanks and gratitude for the kind reception and cooperation
In what the Chairman of the Board of Directors presented a variety of his new publications related to Islamic banking and its basics.
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