With a wonderful position on the authority of His Excellency the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Professor Mustafa Ghaleb, the esteemed, where His Excellency agreed to the request of the Supreme Authority for Hajj and Umrah through the Islamic Nations Bank for Investment and Finance and with the support and supervision of His Excellency Sheikh Sami Al -Masoudi, Chairman of the Supreme Authority for Hajj and Respected Umrah and its ownerships, by the inclusion of the pilgrims of the Iraqi House of God that Their names appeared in the Hajj lottery for this year with an amount of (3000) dollars to reduce some of the travel expenses of pilgrims for this season, so that the amount mentioned above will be spent after they were submitted a copy of the passport, travel tickets, and their entry into the Holy Land.
May God grant success to the men of Iraq who work hard to serve their beloved country, and from God’s success.